A note on JJOURN


JOEJOURNEYS started as a project to learn about website design, creation, technology etc, to advance my skills beyond print media. My being a dromomaniac, I used my addiction and love of travel as the subject as a way to learn these skills and develop them more.

In 2005 it was nothing more than a hobby and a way to learn new skills.  I read a book called HTML in 24 Hours, to learn how to use HTML and CSS to design, create, and maintain web sites, allowing complete beginners to learn the essentials from the ground up. Within a few hours I had built JOEJOURNEYS.COM. It was live.

A media background in print, I expanded these skills towards content creation, particularly to produce travel films from my travels and journeys in which includes filming and editing, a process that consumes me as it feels like I am reliving the journey again and again. JOEJOURNEYS YouTube Channel reached over 2000 subscribers in May 2017 and continues to grow, which tells me people like what I do, and acceptance of my work.

JOEJOURNEYS is here to stay, except the name is shorter.

JJOURN is short for journey.



A note on JJOURN

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