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The excitement builds as people countdown to the start of Sydney Mardi Gras Parade and the parties that mark a long night of celebrations.

Seems like the town has been gearing up to this event for months and the energy and drive is present in the air. At one in the afternoon already some have chosen their spot along the parade route under some shaded tree, seven hours before the parade is due to start. By four the route is already one row deep meaning the best seat have already been taken and just over three hours to go.

The streets are buzzing and though officially an alcohol free zone disguising drinks in mixed bottles or containers tends to be the way around the law. Big screen TVs are in place and marshals taking their posts, fireworks are expected along the route  and the parade expected to last just short of three hours.

A grand finale is the Mardi Gras Party, ten thousand out to celebrate the big Mardi Gras with featured acts and world class DJs, though at a hefty price. The parade route ends here and the party expected to go into the early morning.

The streets and city buzz with celebrations as Sydney and the gay community party as this day is distinctly their own. But watching the parade I came to terms with understanding that an event like Mardi Gras is not just  a recognition of gay rights, but actually the acceptance that we all desire own kind of pleasures represented by the entries into the parade which include everything from gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gender, mature, bears and even furries.

Its no wonder why Mardi Gras brings so many people out to watch this event, secretly we admire the courage and bravery these people endure to live as  they truly want and show the world really belongs to us all.

Bravo to an event like Mardi Gras! What must be the greatest Gay Lesbian Pride Event in the world!

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