TAP – Sata Transfers Confusion


Tickets booked to Ponta Delgada with transfers via Lisbon on TAP Airlines, and the new domestic terminal 2 in Lisbon. Despite showing a code share with each airline I was unable to check-in for the Lisbon to Ponta Delgada leg of my journey.

I’ve done this sort of thing in the past and found transfers an easy thing to do, but on this occasion neither airline provided an efficient smooth transition.

I had to wait till I arrived in Lisbon to find I had to exit and transfer to the new terminal 2 which handles domestics flights (be warned: purchases of liquids from duty free may have to be checked in also), and check in again with the codeshare airline, Sata International, even though my boarding card said it was booked with TAP.

The whole process was unprofessional and inefficient as a combined effort of both airlines. Even TAP Airlines check-in process online was handled by Lufthansa, and Sata showed ‘no record of booking’.

It’s the 21st century, connectivity and partnerships are the way forward, along with cooperation in sharing same routes and terminals, whatever it takes to make getting to your destination hassle free.

TAP – Sata Transfers Confusion