An alternative option instead of staying at a hotel,  First Cabin is a capsule style private room located in Terminal 1 of Tokyo Haneda Airport, perfect for early morning flights, but also available for hire for a few hours, or day use, if you have a long wait for a connecting flight.

I opted for the First Class Cabin of 4.2 square metres, instead of the Business Class Cabin of 2.5 square metres. Divided into men and women areas, once inside I was pleasantly surprised to find a modern clean space with rows of cabins.

My cabin Y08 had a double bed, small table and 32′ flat screen TV. On the bed towels are folded, headphones for watching TV (so you don’t disturb others), a dental kit, and branded pajamas to wear. Even a special adapter is supplied for charging your electronics as others are strictly prohibited due to fire regulations. There is also a safety box for storing valuables under your bed since cabins do not have a door and do not lock for safety reasons, instead pulling on the vertical shutters ensures your privacy.

Extra facilities include PC stations, battery charger for mobiles and laptops, lounge with a separate smoking room, vending machines that offer soft drinks, alcohol, snacks, bread and even noodles. A self-service laundry, bathhouse, showers, and a coin operated massage chair which I especially enjoyed in the spa area.

First Cabin is a well thought out experience and am very impressed by its function and facilities, a great value stay with all the amenities of a hotel, in a cabin style room conveniently located within the airport terminal.

Note: First Cabin is located in Terminal 1 of Tokyo Haneda Airport, not Terminal I (i) the international terminal. When I left  First Cabin  at 4:30am found myself locked-in the domestic terminal, thanks to a security guard I was escorted outside and luckily found the only passing vehicle, a taxi, and took the short ride to the international terminal in time to catch my very early morning flight.

First Cabin Tokyo Haneda

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